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in america, and republicans all right, we have a promise and a process for entitlement reform in the coming year. the reality is that that's actually not a very good thing because congress can't do anything, and these committees have not been fruitful in the past. it's how we got ourselves in the spot in the first place hrough the supercommittee who couldn't avoid sequestering. neil: elizabeth? >> i agree much it's chris brown and rihanna going back to the same sisks, and it doesn't work out. bottom line, i don't know there's a deal, but if it is, the pattern is kicking the can do the road. i agree with that completely. you won't see change because that's not helped the economy at this point, and it probably will not help it in the future. neil: incredible, absolutely incredible. thank you very much. in the meantime, sandy money to fix the smithsonian's roof. this has you hitting the roof. speaking of hitting, remember the union guys and the fists? get lawyers. get lawyers. [bleep] - ♪ o beautiful ♪ for spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountain majesties ♪
organization on the back. neilback. >> i want voices of america to be heard. neil: you would be taken more seriously this time, than last time, you couldn't get to nickelodeon last time. >> we had a tou time get something recognition early in the campaign. neil: but once you burst through thank you instant street cred. >> like i said, conservatives will be heard over the next couple years, everyone said that tea party is dead, you even said that republican party is dead, there are a lot of folks who understand the critical times we're in. d this fiscal cliff, not what is happening in january but long-term imagine problems. neil: you can't win being a lighter verdict of them. version of them. >> even during the campaign, i am not being critical of our candidates but they talked about how dire the circumstances are with our economy deficits but they put forward a plan that did not change entitlement for 10 years, if we' in a dire point, how can you say that -- they -- we did not make -- we made the case there is a problem. but they look add solution, they said it can't be too big of a proble
? >> it leaves cut taxes. >> i'd like to see taxes go down and someone say america is great. let's do everything we can to eliminate obstacles to success vmax my next guest says that regulations are really killing business. we have congressman eric cantor, the house majority leader is pushing to cut the red tape. and since he does have out there, he actually has a shot at doing it. it's just too hard right ow for businesses to continue to operate, given all the onerous and burdensome regulations coming out of washington. and we want to make that stop so we can turn the country around and began to be a starter country again. know th the obama administration over the course of the term has imposed 400 regulations that impose more than $0 million of costs annually on small businesses. the small business administration has said that there are so many regulary burdens on small business that it cost them $10,000 per employee. those are the kinds of things that we want to stop right now so we can see more startup and jobs created. >> is one thing to hope for freezing regulations. but i guess we had hop
of america -- [talking over each other] [talking over each other] neil: they don't like paying his dues, what is so wrong with that? >> let me explain why. the way the law was before we pass the right to work on the way it was all over the country coming of a choice as the worker. you have the choice not to join the union. then you are obligated to pay the administrative portion of the dues. you don't have to pay for political activity. that is what the law says. there have been cases where people thought they were being charged for political activities [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> let me tell you why they should. the law requires that they get the benefits of collective bargaining. neil: that is making the assumption about the faulty 3% -- let me ask you about this. when you say to somebody. a guy gets fired. not a member of the union. the union is obligated to represent him in the termination action. neil: you made that up. >> i did not make that up. >> let me tell you the rest of it. >> you have a problem with adjusting to unions, if you are so great, standby your
if negottion go his way or if we go or the fiscal cliff, either way, america loses. not so fast, i think we have choices. that is it for us, thank you, we'll see you tomorrow night goodight from new york. neil: think fat cats are still angry at the president? t chance, what if i told you a lot of sucking up to the talk abo off the wall or ould i say off the wall street, welcome neil cavuto here, and charlie gparino had it right, there is no squirmier, bunch than those on wall street. they were throwing any money they had to make sure that barack obama would be a one term, but now all but core coreon core -- cronning him all some with betwnmperor a king. a growiumr of financial types figuring nowhat the president is in, best both ses sort things by caving in. on everything from higher taxes r t rich, that is fine. higher investment related taxes onveryone, have at it. more stimulus, why not why this folding like a cheap suit now? maybe because the financial suits figure to go along so just getlong. i think at electns have consequences, i did not think th wall street so quickly selling its fi
of the tabloids in the city. america weeps. the president of the united states spread a couple of tears in the briefing room yesterday. slaughter of the innocence and a picture you saw a lot of yesterday from the patch -- rather the b in new town where the police officer leads the children single file out of sandy hooks school. >> so many horrific things but the worst there are 20 kids dead between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. there were clues he was capable of doing this. >> there will be an update at 8:00 this morning with authorities. >> peter doocy is live with the details. >> tell us what you have learned overnight. >> allison, we learned that the medical examiner's office has been working all night long inside sandy hook elementary school. they are trying to have the 20 children and 6 adults who were murdered inside yesterday during school identified by today. the killer who carried out the sick triem adam lanza murdered his mother before he came here. most of the deceased were found in two classrooms at a school most parents thought was secure. >> sandy hook school caller is i
to fight the battle trotect the united states of america, our first obligation is to defend this country, and that mes having to defriend it abroad, and you asking the men and women on the front lines so say, well, sorry, no agreement, and you have to take reductions even though they don't make sense in terms of what your requirements are. i think it's a heavy responsibility on republicans and democrats. the commander in chief, the president of the united states, he has an obligation to bring parties in and say, look, do you really want to have this as a policy of the united states at a time we're trying to -- >> well, maybe that's happeni. maybe that's happening behind the scenes, secretary, but i wonder. i guess what i'm wondering about, you talk about the military threat, wouldn't there be an international security threat to us if, let's say, they have no deal or they come together with a deal that's a bad deal, our ratings still cut, our markets still tank. isn't that potentially the grter threat? >> well, the greatest there, well, obviously, if the markets tank, then we're not going
spent $35 billion in grants to make america safer. but it still can't measure if we are actually safer. the department is wasting things on zombie apocalypse training and an underwater zombie apocalypse. thank you. i love every year when you come out with this reportt it is absolutely fascinating how washington get so creative wasting our taxpayer money. to your point, are we any safer for all of this? >> i think that is a big question. the urban area security initiatives that were passed in 2003 are important about hardening our greatest risk and cities. 9/11 commission says we shouldn't spend any money unless we are doing it on a risk-based calculation. security initiative all the way up to 66 cities. what is happening is what is intending to harden our cities and make us more resistant to terrorism has now become a real deal grantmaking process. and they can't tell us is if this will make us any safer. what we want to see is if we are going to spend this money, borrow it from china or our kids, we need to make sure that we are getting our money's worth and it is supporting what we i
, the america the peopley a significant majority, the problem is a spinning problem. but not ex blessively a spending problem. they have come up with comprehensive plans that rely on spending reductions than tax increasing overtime, they achieve the spending reduction through comprehensive social security reforms and tax reforms, to get the revenues that is the pathway forward. and but again, i think we have to be realistic, we don't have a lot of time left. let'focus on what we need, avoid fiscal cliff, a credible down payment in regard to revenues and spending, it has to have a more spending element than we see right now. and targets, spending in revenues to achieve a grand bash an next year. neil: thank you very much, wall street is giving up. dow futures off almost 300 points, if you are getting a sense of de. deja vu you are not alone. remember when they rejected tarp 1, it was shot down, and stocks went way down, the dow tumbling better than 770, congress quickly reconvened, took out there are tarp vote to avoid door dow fall off, it was thought it safi the day, what happened, the do
-bye, america. not quite." that's all for us. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. ♪ [bleep] >> you heard the lady in there. >> i ain't nobody. >> [inaudible] >> get out of my face. [bleep] back off. [bleep] [inaudible conversations] neil: you've seen it, you wonder about it. unions unhinged, and the guy they unhinged here tonight. fox on top of unions doubling down and in michigan. their supporters far from correcting them try commending them. >> we're going to pass something that will undo a hundred years of labor relations, and there will be blood. there will be repercussions. neil: so you think we have another wisconsin on our hands? what have i told you? this is not about right to work. this is looking more and more like right to whack. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and whether you're for the michigan governor trying to make his the 24th right to work state right now, consider this, they are not taking it down, and they will be damned if they get wisconsinized right now. you remember scott walker no longer making it mandatory that public workers had to be why uni
't want a deal if it is just the same old deal that is not good for america. neil: do you worry, as i guy has been around the neck of the woods for a few years, that republicans are losing their verve. some more conservative members ve said we lost an election but we did not los everything that we stand for, yet, everything i hear talked about, are concessions on part of the republicans about revenues, but not so much about spending cuts, where does that put us. >> if we lose our core prciple, reigning in spending and creating, be the job creators we'll lose our way the republicans. neil: you don't see the makings of a deal? we're tries to get a sense of the structure right now. you have to have the broad outline of the deal within a couple of days, anything later, gets to belongisticly -- logistically impossible to be done by the end of the year. >> i think you are right oif there is an agreement, it will take days to work it through, details. neil: you know. republicans get blame, if we tall off this cff. do you agree with that? >> i'm not sure. i think if we tal fall off the f that is
deals months ago, but sensible accounting is a crime in crporate america many republicans found it morally offensive in washington. let me be clear, the failure could be both parties. it makes the cliff more likely d that the recession, if this does not get worked up to all but inevitable. no one wins on that cot, especially the president when an all-time falls under his watch. this is not sortin out too well for anyone. >> no. and what people forget in politics is that this is not a zero sum game. it is possible for everyone to lose. that not only includes the taxpayers of america, participants in the economy, but both the president and that the speaker boehner are finding themselves in an unhappy circumstance because of all this brinksmanship and as the realization dawns in washington as it on yesterday and insight into the course of today, this thing real could happen. neil: when we were covering this live and they shelled the vote in the immediate reaction was, boehner is in trouble, i did think of as i said at the outset, that if you're at thee white house and the democrats
like likely life hawaii and opped into washington, d.c. and save america from the fiscal cliff. how does the president win this optics war, grover? >> well, it's all politics. he's not put a proposal on the table that makes any sense. when talk about plans a, b, and c, the republicans have passed plana,he ryan bill, ryan budget and plan. that saves $6 trillion over the next decade. it reforms entitlements. it reforms taxes. doesn't raise them, reforms them without raising taxe on people. so that's a plan that's written down that's passed the house of representatives and has strong support among republicans in the senate. the alternative is nothing. >> we know that's not going to pass the senate and we also know the white house isn't going to sign that. move on. my contention is after -- >> allow me. >> work with me. it's an important question. let's say president obama says we're going off the fiscal cliff. we go off the cliff. tax cuts expire, sequestration, they kick it down the road. if president obama then says i'm going to put in tax cuts for anyone making under $250,000 a year
- america! america! - god shed his grace on thee ♪ - ♪ on thee - ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ - ♪ from sea to shining sea - ♪ from sea to ♪ to shining sea ♪ america the beautiful ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ >> we can walk away. we always do. after every single town with in three states to sign up for this and the blows of this economy are almost unbearable, we're going to come back and offer you nothing. we will offer this town nothing. every contract we have signed, every piece of the pie we have offered, it all goes aay. tom: it's halftime, and mandamus new movie is going full throttle to blast fracking, environmentalists are trying to block that type of natural gas drilling, and they are using the film as a rallying cry. demonstrators and no higher today say the movie is inspiring laughlin's mark k. from the heritage foundation says that is ridiculous because fracking is safe and creates jobs. but movies are fictional. they take little license with reality sometimes. >> they do. but when you have, as you noted, a movie that is in forming public opinion and m
america from falling off the fiscal cliff. how does the president when this optics war, grover? >> it is all politics. he has not put a proposal on the table that makes any sense. republicans have actually passen plan a, bu the ryan budget, the ryan plan. ent saving transit dollars over the decade. it reforms taxes, does not raise it, reforms that without raising taxes on people. so that is a plan that is passed in the house of representatives in the house of representatives republicans in the senate. the alternative to that is nothing. eric: we know that will not pass the senate and we know the white house will not sign it. here is what my contention has been. allow me. work with me. very important question at the end of this. we go off the cliff, all the tax cuts expire, sequestration,ick whatever. here is the question though. if president obama then says i will put in the tax cuts for anybody making under $250,000 per year, call it obama taxll r cuts, will republicans say no to voting for a tax cut? >> the interesting question is with. interesting question is we are at the b
. >> tom. it will takes long as it takes for the america electorate and people to learn their lesson. as long ase assume that every elemt of economic priva life has to he a government safety net, backstop erin tervention, the problems be not go away. tom: back to the pension thing, they require the private sector, you better be fully funded on your pension plan or else but they do not require of it themselves. >> that is a great point, time and again we see how the private sector actually acts more responsibly, in their long-term interest than public, what is so terrible about programs like this they create that morale backstop. companies have a incentive town load there are obligation on the taxpayer that is terrible for everyone. tom: it is a perverse incentive, jonathan thank you. >> thank you, tom. tom: well, too hot for work? this woman got fired because her boss thought she was too attractive. i'm not joking. is it legal? the answer will shock you. we know all your investments may not be with fidelity, but we can still help you see your big pture. with the fidelity guided portf
events ent -- vinces stuff. neil: great scott, great brita britain. neil: well, it is america versus mother country against this time no muss cet, u.k. sides u.s. companies like microsoft, and amazon, and starbucks of dodging taxes in the u.k., but all 4 companies are saying what they are doing is legal, and by british financial law, went their rights it is british government's fault for not closing the hoop holes that many of the companies are taking full advantage of. good to have you. >> thank you. neil: what do you make of this? >> put it this contact, for the moment, britain. david cameron came into power. neil: they are sweating a lot. >> they instigated deficit reduction it has been tough times, britain with a double dip recession this year, so, it is all about shared sacrifice, everyone from the queen, doing their bit. neil: does the queen sacrifice? >> she seen as not taking -- but all about everybody on the budget. then you have starbucks that found out, you can't move the starbucks in britain, taking away a lot of traditional british tea shops have you starbucks. it has mo
for america. lou: we have time for you to finish your thoughts, we have 15 seconds, 19 asemiautomatic weapons, handguns your view in. >> my view we had 6-year-olds with 3 to 11 wons in eac 11 wouh their little bodies, we have to do something with this, australia did it after a mass murder is worked. jim: lou: thank you for your views, and thank you for sharing them with us, that is it foo us, joit from new york. york. >> unions, i think they could be the death of us, welcome, i am neil cavuto, despite throwing some punches over michigan becoming a right-to-work state, many unions, making sure the other 26 states do not follow. that does not mean that unions have given up on michigan and maybe ball the governor who put this, does wisconsin ring a bell? that is not a surprise. but what is a surprise how they are doing it. this could be the union equivalent of the pledge by enforced by louder and stronger guys. they have no issue, a pledge not to break up unions. never md this threatens businesses coming to their state or hiring more workers in their state, a lot figure out if they are not union
to tyson's corner mall, which is one of the biggest malls in america saturday. i could not believe it. seventy parking spaces, which is, you know, usually the weekend before christmas, you know, that is the busiest time of the year. i noticed, just being in stores, people did not have their heart in it. it did not seem so important whether you get the latest ipad award, you know, you contrast this with people stampeding in the doors to get the nike shoes. you know, will there be an economic effect? i have not seen it yet, but i think that there will. retailers will be heard by this because people -- this last weekend was one of the biggest, if not the biggest shopping weekend of the year. people were not taking out there credit card. they just did not have their credit -- part in it. neil: and they don't. >> that is going to hurt. that is going to, i thinkk have a significant needed impact potentially on retail sales. you don't make that up. if you are a retailer, you never make that up. neil: make it up. what do you see them? >> steve is completely correct. the credit cards as steve
grew up, it one of the fastest growing cities now in america because of the resurgence of fossil fuel, and the advents of new technology of horizontal drilling and fracking, that is happening everywhere we need to continue it. >> thank you, john. tom: breaking news for you, we have to get in pentagon co confirming retired general normanorman has died he was 78. tom: marta decker burgs family is confused by the privacy policy. his sister who is also the marketing director posted this photo on her face but page and she thought only she and her friends could see it.
less from them than the lower rate. some of this is stupid. we raised the capital gains tax in america and collect less money from the capital gains tax -- neil: if it is going to happen, at least, what? get balance in it? >> no. simple fact is john boehner has no good answer. one answer is he's got to cave in, let the tax rates go up, minimize the damage, little as possible, and put responsibility on the president. if he -- if we go over the fiscal cliff, it's going to be blamed on him. neil: his way of saying it's noo on me now? >> i think that's where he's going. he's going to extract what cuts he can. they are absurd. >> the president's failure to address spending cuts is a tragedy, a lack of leadership, and lack of understanding of the economy. it's nothing to do with taxes. you can raise and lower taxes, not going to impact on the deficit. actually, if you lower them intelligently, you might grow the economy and maybe grow your way out of the deficit, but the fact is we have to restrain spending, restrain spending by 10% or 15% a year, and until we do that, we're heading for a di
a time and a place when america ruled the world. take a peek. >> the commander of flight has the power to abort it; right? >> when you launch, the commander, dave scott in our case -- >> liftoff. >> something goes wrong, and it veers here and there, we had several modes of abort tose. just twist a handle and we'd abort. we held his hand. say, no, dave, no. you're n going to touch the abort hand. >> fief ten seconds. >> we get out of the van, and we're the only ones there, and i look up, and thishing's fully fueled, of course, and it's gassing off, and fuming and it's alive. >> sitting on top of this 365 feet of high explosive after, you know, waiting and kind of got relaxed, actually, i dozed off a little bit. >> we are still go at this time. >> thirty secon before launch, the launch computer decided something was ong, and stopped the launch. i just relaxed and went to sleep. you never know when you need sleep in this business. >> the closer we got to liftoff, the more excited i became. this was my chance, and my thoughts were, let's go, let's go, i trainedded three years, i'm readto g
Search Results 0 to 46 of about 47 (some duplicates have been removed)